Nina Boelsums - Portfolio


As a physical metaphor for the invasion of privacy online, “Unveil” is a dress that opens up with each new cookie stored on a computer. While the wearer browses the internet, she accumulates more trackers and her body gets more exposed.

In the virtual world, losing privacy can seem like an abstract and trivial concept. “Unveil” makes the issue physical and exposes the historically most private parts of ourselves: the naked body. It visualizes the reality of privacy violation. It makes no distinction between the online and the ‘real’ world.

While the wearer of the dress goes online, a script counts the number of cookies that get stored on the computer, and when this number increases, it is communicated to an Arduino on the back of the dress. With each new cookie, two servo motors spin. They wind up threads that are connected to the slits in the dress, opening them up and exposing the wearer’s skin.


"Unveil" was performed at 'Mine Yours Ours: Surveilance' festival in April 2016, Rijeka, Croatia.

Nina Boelsums is an Industrial Design student and privacy activist. She explores the possibilities of programming in art, and the interaction between technology and society. Her designs are combinations of these subjects. She lives in Amsterdam and studies at the University of Technology Eindhoven.



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